About Us

At Metro Capital, we provide consulting services on corporate finance.

We focus on connecting the owners of mid-sized enterprises with large companies, always aiming at creating value in corporate financial transactions. We know that it is a special market segment that has particular needs that require personalized attention, mainly as regards investment projects, financing, and acquisitions and sales of companies or business units.

Metro Capital is the best partner for owners of enterprises who wish to connect with other companies, whether larger or smaller in size and scope.


We strive to provide superior consulting services based on understanding not only the business and its position in the market, but also our clients’ personal aspirations. For that reason, we apply the best practices regardless of the size of the transaction.


We seek long term relationships with our clients , based on trust and integrity, which allows us to help them negotiate in the most favorable terms for them. Thus, every transaction is very well taken care of by our partners, from beginning to end.

We, the founding partners of Metro Capital, have a vast track record in engineering, general, commercial, and financial management, operations, and investment banking. Whether our clients are trying to acquire a company, lead a management buyout, find a partner, increase their capital or sell their company, the professionals at Metro Capital will be able to provide them the industry knowledge and experience necessary to achieve the best possible result.


Metro Capital was founded by Klaus Bohner and Fernando Pardo, whose goal was to transmit to their clients the professional experience gained over 45 years of track record in various commercial, financial and general management areas, not only at multinational companies, but also at mid-sized enterprises and transactional functions, such as investment banking and private equity.

Klaus Bohner

He has a vast career in leadership roles at companies in the finance and insurance industry (Banco de Galicia, Principal Financial Group Argentina, Zurich Seguros), as well as in corporate finance consulting (BDO). He is an Industrial Engineer, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, he has a Master’s Degree in Bank Management from CEMA, and he has completed the IAE’s Management Development Program.

Fernando Pardo

He has performed operating functions, both in large local companies (Techint) and in tech ventures in the U.S. (TiVo and Tier Technologies), in corporate finance (Chase Manhattan Bank/New York) and private equity (CoInvest Argentina). He is an Industrial Engineer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, and has earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

Carlos Seimandi

Con más de 20 años de experiencia en la industria financiera, ocupó posiciones de liderazgo en áreas de planificación comercial, banca privada y marketing. Es Licenciado en Comercialización con posgrados en finanzas (UCEMA) y management (U. Torcuato Di Tella, ITBA).

Ignacio Wetzler

Durante los últimos 10 años se ha desempeñado como gerente, director y consultor en empresas medianas del sector agroindustrial local. Cuenta con una amplia experiencia en gestión de proyectos vinculados con operaciones y IT. Es Profesor de Filosofía por la Universidad Católica Argentina y candidato a MBA por la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

Guido Blohm

He has extensive management experience in operations, as CEO of Germany, Argentina and Uruguay, and acquisition of companies in the United States, Europe and South America, primarily in the hotel and funeral business (Colonnade Hotel and Service Corporation International). He has an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration from Boston University.