At Metro Capital, we know that we can add value to our clients at every developmental stage of their companies, always aiming at maximizing the value for their shareholders.

In addition, our capacity to execute a wide range of transactions provides great flexibility in the process. It is our obligation to optimize every option available and to keep our clients informed so that they can choose the most suitable solution according to their goals.

We work together with our clients to identify the best possible buyer and close a satisfactory transaction. This professional process, of both national and international scope, offers several benefits to our clients: as the initial part of the process, we perform a thorough financial analysis and then we put them in contact with the best possible buyers, while always paying special attention to the transaction’s confidentiality.

We lead the entire process, that is to say, from the preparation of the initial corporate presentation to the successful closing of the transaction. In this way, we make sure they do not get distracted from their daily business operation and we keep them informed and involved in the commercial aspects of the transaction that require their participation.

Even though every process is different and requires the careful and non-delegable attention from a partner at Metro Capital, the following stages usually take place:

Definition of client’s needs: price, deadline, terms of payment, structure, post-sale participations, employees, etc.

    Business valuation: industry, business and market position analysis in order to define the corporate presentation to be given to potential interested parties with the aim of maximizing valuation. During this due diligence process, we will also be identifying the strategic aspects that could be specifically valued by potential interested parties.

    Preparation of marketing material and contact with suitable candidates: our long track record in the industry allows us to have access to decision-makers among the identified candidates.

    Negotiation and closing of the transaction: we make sure that our clients are appropriately advised so that their interests are protected. We usually team up with professionals specifically hired to deal with legal and fiscal aspects.

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    We help every client to find the best partner for their company, taking into consideration the abilities they want to incorporate. When valuing the new partner’s contributions, financial (capital contribution), commercial, and technical aspects must be taken into account, as well as the access to a specific market and the necessary know-how for the company.

    We analyze our clients’ financial needs and we help them identify potential partners, or investors, who propose the most favorable terms with the best possible structure.

    This process is carried out taking into consideration that the election of a partner is a fundamental milestone in the life of every entrepreneur since, many times, it is a determining factor in the future development of the company.

    As regards the valuation assigned to the company in the transaction, the initial valuation must be taken into account to negotiate what portion of the company we will be giving to our new partner in exchange for their contribution. Furthermore, and fundamentally, the highest long-term valuation must be considered as the main focus for the decision.

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    We help our clients to perform transactions aimed at acquiring companies by cooperating in the valuation of strategic aspects they want to incorporate as well as assessing the financial convenience of the operation. This allows them to grow faster.

    The financial assessment consists in quantifying the return expected from the acquisition taking into account not only the upfront costs but also recurring costs and risks assumed during the operation. In this way, we collaborate with our client in a complete financial assessment of the operation, which is usually long term.

    Regarding the approach to strategic aspects, the abilities provided by the acquired company to our client’s company must be carefully considered and properly assessed.

    In some cases, this acquisition is partial and, therefore, it implies incorporating a partner. Thus, we must consider this new partner’s characteristics, its long-term interests, and its short-term incentives when structuring the operation.

    Finally, we must not forget both legal and tax matters, for which we team up with specifically hired professionals.

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    We collaborate with our clients in both the Valuation process of their company and in the Business Value Increase (BVI). Knowing and increasing the business value is an essential management tool, not only if current shareholders want to keep the company, but also in those cases where it is planned to sell the company to a third party or to transfer it to other members of the family group or to certain members of their management team.

    As part of our BVI process, we perform an initial valuation of the company, which allows us to be clear about the starting point. Then, we identify the variables with the biggest impact on the valuation and we recommend plans of action that effectively impact on the business value. According to our clients’ needs, we may only perform the initial valuation or accompany them in the increase process of such valuation.

    The initial valuation process is highly regarded because we work as a team with every client, understanding strategic variables as well as those abilities that add the greatest value to the business. We take into account the macro-context, and the competitive, technological and client scenario around the company’s activity in the reality of the operation.

    As regards the BVI process, we seek to answer questions and act on the key variables which dramatically improve valuation, for example: Is it more convenient to increase sales volumes or to raise prices? Is it better to increase investment in advertising or in research and development? Is it preferable to incorporate a machine or to increase manpower?

    In practice, we carry out this process by integrating those members of our clients’ team that add value to the process, since it is them who make things happen.

    Our role usually consists in coordinating and guiding the process in order to make sure that the key variables that we identified to increase value will be effectively modified, so that the company valuation is improved thanks to the BVI process.

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